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Articles >> A "Technical" Overview While Planning Your Website

Thinking about getting a website or updating your website? Good planning will make a big difference! If you think about the goals of your website, and what available technical website features will be useful in helping you achieve these goals, you will be more prepared when you are ready to build your website.

The problem is, for a lot of us, we don't know what features are out there until we are already working on our website! Below is a list of some common technical features to think about when planning your website. Which ones make sense for what you need? Your Web Developer can answer questions for you on each of these, but this will give you a good overview during the planning phase. Remember, it is best to be as prepared as possible the first time you meet with your Web Developer!

An overview of some common technical features:

1. Content Management System

A Content Management System allows you to manage your website content yourself. If you need to edit the text on one of your web pages, for example, you simply log in to your account and make the changes to your website yourself. You can also add website pages, add photos, and more!

2. E-Commerce Website / Online Stores

Online stores are working for you even when you're not working! They provide an "always open" storefront. Your products and services can be selling online at any time of day or night!

3. Forums

With a forum, visitors of your website can start and continue discussions together right on your site!

4. Blogs

Blogs allow you to post comments and news and your viewers will be able to post comments about your blog postings.

5. Photo Galleries

Photo Galleries are great options for artists, photographers, and others who wish to showcase some of their work. There are lots of options available for photo galleries!

6. Flash Animation

Flash Animation adds some pizzazz to a website. When used tastefully, and in moderation, it can add an impressive edge to your site. Be careful NOT to overdo the Flash though! Too many websites have gotten carried away with the Flash animation!

7. Sound Clips

Sound playing in the background can add atmosphere to your website. Just be sure to use them thoughtfully! For example, sound clips that start automatically can be distracting to your website visitor. Be sure that if you do use them, the user can shut the sound off easily.

8. Video Clips

You can add video clips to your website too! Maybe you want to showcase an event or display an instructional video. Using different forms of media on your website can make it very interesting!


There are many more technical features available for websites, such as allowing subscription to RSS feeds and more, but we hope this introductory overview has been helpful! If you want to talk about your website and incorporating technical features, you can contact Infinity Consulting for a FREE 15-minute marketing consultation. Mahalo!

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