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Infinity Consulting - Big Island Hawaii Green Efforts


Big Island Green Efforts >> What We're Doing

Infinity Consulting is working to address sustainability for our home, the Big Island of Hawaii, by providing information on greener marketing options to our customers, making greener choices for our own business, and providing information resources to our local community and visitors of this website. These are some specific things we are doing to address sustainability:

1. Offering Solutions to Our Customers

We offer solutions to any of our customers who are interested in utilizing earth friendly methods in marketing their company - whether on the Big Island of Hawaii or in another location. Examples include printing on FSC Certified recycled paper with environmentally friendlier inks, when you need to print. Ask us about solutions for your company. We can all make a difference, in our individual locations, for the same common goal if we take action.

2. Using Earth Friendly Methods as much as Possible

We use earth friendly methods in our own business operations and marketing efforts, as much as possible. For example, besides using CFL light bulbs and being mindful of electricity usage, we recycle and print our own company's advertising pieces right here in Hawaii on FSC Certified recycled paper with soy based ink. Additionally, a portion of the server electricity usage for our web hosting services are offset with renewable energy credits.

3. Working with Community Groups and Organizations

We have been working with community groups and organizations on the Big Island to help get the word out about each group and their work, staying connected and updated on events and issues, providing support and resources to help their cause, and helping provide a network for groups and individuals to connect and help each other with common goals in the area of sustainability.

4. Providing Resources in this Hawaii Section of our Own Website

We have provided information in this section of our website for our local community, businesses, and visitors of this website. This includes information on community resources, Big Island events related to sustainability, links to other websites with more information, and anything else we think of or are suggested to include by others. Please let us know if there is additional information you would like us to include in this section of our website. Mahalo!

5. Maintaining a Big Island Sustainability Website

We have put together and are maintaining a sustainability website dedicated to sustainability on the Big Island of Hawaii. The website address for the Big Island sustainability website is This Big Island website is being built in collaboration with individuals and community groups on the Big Island of Hawaii, and is co-managed by two members of our team and several community members, in an effort to work towards a more sustainable environment on the Big Island.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for additional content you would like us to post in this section. Mahalo!

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Big Island of Hawaii Green Initiative and Customer Testimonials
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