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Big Island Green Efforts >> About Big Island Sustainability

nfinity Consulting is working towards a sustainable future on the Island of Hawaii. We feel that it is important and that if each of us just does one little thing here and there, we can all make a difference.

What is "Sustainability" and why does this matter?

There are many definitions for this word. Our definition is this:

Sustainability is using our resources carefully and responsibly in the present so as to ensure the ability of future generations to have the same opportunities for survival and abundance. It means acting responsibly now to sustain our environment in the long term. We view this as taking care of the environment and managing resources efficiently.

It is important to address sustainability so as not to deplete our resources to the point where future generations are at risk. There are many little things we can all do to help this cause. Check out our links page for additional information on other websites.

Why is Sustainability on the Big Island Important to Us?

We are on an island, thousands of miles away from anything else. Most of our products are imported from outside locations, and in recent years, our local economy found itself depending on tourism and a booming housing market. Tourism and real estate sales have declined and we are now in a position where our local economy is struggling - and being so far from everything else, is is not good to be so dependent on resources that come from outside places.

The best thing for our local economy is to grow and prosper together right here on the island - create our own food products, and if possible, other resources for local consumption. If we support our local farmers, buy local products, and all work together we can make a difference, and we will not be as dependant on an uninterrupted supply of goods coming in from other places.

We are doing our part in trying to help work towards sustainability on the Big Island by providing information to community members, visitors of this website, and to our customers with respect to greener marketing. We encourage others to join in, here on the Big Island, or from your location to work for a more sustainable environment where you are.

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